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    I found two different photos from 035. Does anyone know which is the correct one, or is this the same car?
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    I am not sure to be honest. At some point we thought the one with the leather covered dash was also #035 as there are a lot of (mostly) exterior similarities ( ). The dashboard could have been altered. Now I'm not that sure anymore because it would have had to been altered twice. First delivered to GPI, a Spyker dealer at that time in the U.S. some photographs of the car when at their dealership:

    2005-Spyker-C8-Spyder-D-640.jpg 2005-Spyker-C8-Spyder-E-640.jpg

    Than to Europe at Speedy Garage (that's where the first picture in the first post was taken) and than to König Motor Club, the Russian Spykerdealer (see second picture of the first post).

    So three different sets of photographs of possibly the same car. All I know for sure is that the pictures of this post are definitely of #035.

    CARFAX shows: Offered for sale july 15th 2005, Sold april 2nd 2006. (On july 31st the car was auctioned but not sold). That would mean the photograph of the Spyder with the leather dashboard with " 2005" on it has to be another car (because at that time she was still in the US). The photo's in the first post of the Spyder with the turned aluminium dashboard could very well be #035 as they look similar (although the right sticker on the dash seems to be in a slightly different position).
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      035: Cognac

      Turned aluminum dash and console
      No vents
      Cubby hole
      Propeller steering wheel
      Four point seat belts
      Vertical release lever in the chairs
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