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    And some more (no leather upholstery on the doorpanel?):

    10549767_1462366697347639_1101086910_n.jpg 10570035_757599230964163_1477357696_n.jpg 10549634_272867472900768_937166374_n.jpg 10570143_340954392726453_1962648066_n.jpg
    Winning on sunday, selling on monday!


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      Originally posted by Laviolette GT2R View Post
      And some more (no leather upholstery on the doorpanel?):

      [ATTACH]16130[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16131[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16132[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]16133[/ATTACH]
      That is how it looks like when you take off the upholstery panel.



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        ... at Lamborghini Saratoga now?


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          Lamborghini Sarasota, Florida. Probably for maitenance(?) because the car is not listed for sale.
          Winning on sunday, selling on monday!


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            Currently for sale
            Winning on sunday, selling on monday!


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              2009 Spyker 232

              With any luck I may have attached a picture showing the interior color for 232.
              I am not sure what Spyker called this color.
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                Taken from the #026 thread:
                Originally posted by bcarl View Post
                The 232 thread was helpful, but I am trying to understand: (i) what an LM85 is, since my car seems to have been built after the regular run of SWB Laviolettes was done and in the middle of the LM85 production run, (2) what a Basic Instinct 2 car is since those were allegedly a late run of 25 black Laviolettes like mine, and (3) which coupes had lift off roof panels so I can figure out whether mine lifts off.

                In the interim, I also sent you an instagram about buying a blade wheel. It appears from this forum that you may have a complete wheel and hub assembly in the right color for sale. If so, what would that one costs?
                First of all a big congratulations on aquiring your Spyker and welcome to the forum!

                Now about your questions:

                1. The way I understand, but I could perfectly be wrong, is that the last 24 buildslots of the SWB run was reserved for the LM85's. LM stands for Le Mans and 85 for the startnumber Spyker always had at the 24 hour race at Le Mans. 24 LM85's were scheduled to be produced, referring to the duration of the Le Mans race, namely 24 hours. However, and this is speculation from my side, some clients in the meantime preferred to have a "normal" C8 instead of an LM85. Spyker then took the orders and instead of the supposed run of 24 LM85's some chassis were build as non-LM85's, #232 being one of these. In the end it meant that less than 24 LM85's have been build. At the forum we think 15 were build in the end, they all have a plaque on the dashboard with a buildnumber and the highest we found is nr. 15. If you're interested in the LM85's here's a link.

                2. The Basic Instinct 2 (BI2) Laviolette is also, just like the LM85, a limited edition Spyker and also a Laviolette. It is based on the Laviolette that was driven by Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct 2. Four Laviolettes were used in the movie; 2 that were fully functional and two static display cars. The BI2 limited edition Laviolette has the same color combination as the moviecar, which is Jet Black / Lipstick Red and has a numbered plaque on the dashboard saying: xx/25, so they're all numbered but some don't have the plaque fitted which makes it hard to tell how many were actually build but less than the 25 that were planned were build, more or less half of that amount exists. Although #232 has the exterior color Jet Black, the interior color is not lipstick red (hard to tell from the small picture but my guess would be Cognac) and #232 therefore is not a BI2 limited edition Laviolette.

                3. The Targa roof was an option but not many Spykers were fitted with this option but #128 is and that one is currectly on auction. There's a lot of photo's added so you can exactly see what the Targa roof should look like, here's a link (but I think you already saw it )

                About the VIN: XL9........363... is the sequence that's dedicated to Spyker so every Spyker has that sequence. ...BA11G......... stands for Laviolette Short wheelbase ..........Z...... Z stands for Zeewolde, the city in the Netherlands were most of the Spykers were produced (but some have C for Coventry) ........49....... 9 is the modelyear, in this case 2009 and 4 is a checkdigit ..............232 and 232 is the chassisnumber.
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                Winning on sunday, selling on monday!