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#162 - C8 Laviolette - Silver/Orange

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  • #162 - C8 Laviolette - Silver/Orange

    Model year 2007

    VIN XL9BA11G27Z363162

    Champion Silver/Tropicana Orange

    At Expo Motorcars/Spyker of Houston

    Vehicle Details

    Interesting to note, they are calling this car a 2008, but the VIN cleary identifies this car as a 2007. This makes it one of the few 2007 Laviolettes that I know of in the U.S.
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    I believe this has been the demonstrator and has been present at Pebble Beach and the World Class Driving Festival. Can't remember whether we had already identified it as #162.

    But..thanks for the pictures! I can't get enough of Laviolette's


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      Yes, it is on the unofficial registry. I noticed that it did not yet have its own thread, plus the full VIN had not been identified. I was surprised to see it was a 2007; I've been up and down the unofficial registry and verifiable 2007's are quite rare.

      I happen to like the Laviolettes quite a bit myself!


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        Well spotted!

        It is build in 2007, but probably has the Model Year 2008 specs.
        Winning on sunday, selling on monday!


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          Indeed! Build in 2007 does not mean it is a 2007MY car. A model year always starts very early.
          Model year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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            As I understand the current 17-digit VIN system in use worldwide, the 10th character identifies the model year of the car. The 10th character of this car's VIN is 7, which identifies this car as a 2007, regardless of when it was built or to what specifications.


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              True, didn't notice that


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                That's okay! While we're on it, do I have to somehow link cars I've started threads for to your unofficial registry? Because I don't think I know how to do that.


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                  I have to do that But I have been a little lazy with the updates lately...


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                    That's okay, I go through my own lazy spurts now and again.

                    One thing I'm sure we all could use more of is time!


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                      162 on an outing when still with Expo
                      Redwood : photos : Motorsports Ranch Cresson 10th Anniversary : Spyker C8 Laviolette - It's Dutch! That's Vjierd.


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                        Now for sale on Craiglist:

                        2008 Spyker C8 Laviolette


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                          Now on Ebay:

                          Other Makes : C8 Laviolette:eBay Motors (item 250520518272 end time Nov-05-09 14:19:10 PST)


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                            this car is located in Aurora Colorado at Tynan's Volkswagen.. and is for sale.


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                              some pics i took tonight..
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