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#056 - C8 Double 12S - Silver-Red - In China

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  • #056 - C8 Double 12S - Silver-Red - In China

    I posted the first 2 pics a while ago in the "Spykers in China" thread.

    Took me a while to realise that it was the same as the one on display at the 2007 Shanghai Motor Show.

    And I'm guessing it is the Spyker C12 Spyder, with a Roof on it (and with new model tags on the side of course; and without the funny leather "domes" behind the roll-bars+headrests).:lol:

    Same exterior colour, same interior colour and no rivets on the bodywork

    AX_Lover, what do you think??
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    Are these the only 4 existing pics of the C12 Spyder? I've done a quick search, and these are the only ones popping up. Press pictures, no doubt.

    If we had more pics of it (especially interior), we could make a beter comparison
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      AX Lover: what you do think about this perhaps being the C12 Spyder??

      Some more pics :-) Hope you like 'm!
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        And some more, being unloaded for a car show.


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          and some more:


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            Really don't know if this is the C12 Spyder that is transformed into a C8 Double12 S (coupe). It could well be. But we should have to study the pictures closer.


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              Originally posted by AX lover View Post
              Really don't know if this is the C12 Spyder that is transformed into a C8 Double12 S (coupe). It could well be. But we should have to study the pictures closer.

              You can see the hardtop locks at the top of the A-pillar. Dont think an Laviolette has these.
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                Originally posted by bucciali View Post
                And some more, being unloaded for a car show.

                At Spyker they entrusted us only to reverse up a ramp to keep you from getting stuck with the front (lip) of the car.
                You can see them fiddeling with wooden planks.


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                  This car has an automatic gearbox.
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                    I found a picture of the interior of the C12 Spyder, I added the picture of the C8 Double 12S (earlier posted in post #3 of this thread by bucciali) for comparison:
                    df34a2a1ad9841e495bef95305eb4107.jpg Double 12 in China_interior.jpg
                    Left: interior C12 Spyder
                    Right: interior C8 Double 12S in China

                    The only differences seem to be that the C8 Double 12S has an airconditioning system and the C12 Spyder does not and that the C12 Spyder has three pedals and the Double 12S has only two.
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                      #056 Spyker C8 Double 12S

                      I think bucciali's theory is correct:

                      If we compare the C12 Spyder with this particular Double 12 than two similarities appear: As bucciali said earlier, the exterior as well as the interior color are exactly the same and both have no visible rivets on the bodywork. The absence of these rivets was a novelty on the C12 Spyder.

                      There are also two striking differences: The C12 has a 12 cilinder engine where as the Double 12 has an 8 cilinder engine. And the C12 is a Spyder opposed to the Double 12 being a Laviolette.

                      Lets start with the engine: At the 2004 Millionair Fair, the only time the C12 was publicly shown, the W12 engine was displayed at a separate statue and not in the car itself. The reason for this, I believe, is that it was most likely an engine-less prototype. It might seem strange to show a prototype without an engine but in fact this is very common. Later prototypes, such as the La Turbie, the Zagato and the Aileron were also engine-less. With the chassis and bodywork of the C12 being the same as that of a Double 12, its not that hard to fit in a Double 12 engine.

                      As far as the roof is concerned: The construction of the roof is similar to that used on the Double 12SC with VIN #040, which was also originally a Spyder which was later converted into a Laviolette. The roof itself however, is different: It does not have the glasspanels, as can be seen in the fourth picture. This is very uncommon, as far as I know there is only one other Double 12 without these glasspanels in the roof.

                      Normally, the roof of the Double 12 is constructed out of two pieces (on this picture the rear-window-section has not been installed yet):


                      Note that the polished metal roofline is interrupted:


                      But the roof of this particular Double 12 consists of one piece. Note that the polished metal roofline is not interrupted:

                      #056 Double 12_roofline_p.jpg

                      As Spyker 007 stated earlier, this special roof, although hardtop is probably a better word indeed, locks on the A-pillars. In the left picture you can clearly see that the roof and the A-pillar are locked with the handle on top of the A-pillar. It can most likely be removed to use this Double 12 as a Spyder. For comparison: In the right picture you can see the roof construction of a normal Double 12.

                      040-art-03.jpg 84048_IMG_1086_122_889lo_p.jpg

                      Victor Muller:
                      We have sold 40 or so road cars so far, in addition to the other race cars we built in previous years, and of course development prototypes (chassis 055 and 056 are in build as the prototype 12 cylinder road cars). This is a very serious commercial enterprise, not just for road cars but for race cars too. Everyone is dying for an alternative to emerge for the Porsche 911 and we hope to be able to provide it."

                      The only two 12 cilinder prototypes at that time were the C12 Spyder and the C12 La Turbie.
                      The fact that VIN #055 was allocated to the La Turbie, indicates that the C12 Spyder, and therefore also this Double 12S that derived from it, has VIN #056.
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                        Very interesting investigation Laviolette GT2R.

                        The one piece roof and the locks at the top of the A-pillar clearly indicate that this must be a Spyder with a hardtop.
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                          Finally more pictures of the Spyker C12 Spyder at the 2004 Amsterdam Millionair

                          Nice elaborative write-up on the theory I suggested, Stephan! Thanks for documenting it so well ;-) :lol:

                          I could not understand why there are so few pictures of the C12 Spyder on the Web; tons of digital pics must have been made in 2004 at the Millionair Fair.
                          So I did some Googling and found :: DREAMS ON WHEELS. These guys had started a good automotive site back in the days, full with reports and photos. They visited the Fair and had a small article about the Spyker stand, YES. But unfortunately also with small pics.

                          I decided to contact them and Carlo, one of the owners, very generously took the time to browse his archive and look for the original high-resolution pictures, which he finally found and sent to me to publish on
                          So, a big thanks (!) to Carlo for sharing this with us. And without further adue, here are the pics. A few of almost the same angle, but hey, I'm sharing for the next generation


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                            C8 Double 12 S in Chinese showroom

                            #056 in some Chinese showroom. Dealer name seems to be Longbo, but cannot find anything under that name.
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                              Still on display....with Longbo plates on.

                              Only reference on Longbo I could find so far was something with a Hummer dealership?? I'm thinking it could be a luxury car dealer perhaps, that has bought the Spyker and is trying to sell it.
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