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    ... please help me to come up with the correct statistics here. It is slightly confusing. I am trying to put together all major Spyker models and concept/production years.

    C8 Spyder: concept 2000, production 2002-2010
    C8 Laviolette: concept 2001, production 2002-2010
    C8 Double12: concept 2001, production 2002-2007

    C12 La Turbie: concept 2006
    C12 Zagato: concept 2007
    C12 Peking to Paris: concept 2007

    C8 Aileron: concept 2009, production 2013...
    C8 Aileron Spyder: concept 2009, production ???

    B6 Venator: concept 2013, production earliest 2014
    B6 Spyder: ??? (knowing Victor, this will come!)
    D8 "SSUV": concept 2014, production earliest 2016

    in the past, there was a mention of type E8 ??? (4 seater)

    If you look at the above, you can see that Spyker got a boost in 2000/01, then another one in 2006/07 which was killed by the F1 project. Then the Aileron in 2009 which was nearly killed by the Saab story. Let's hope for an undisturbed 2013/14 boost and good production numbers!

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    You're missing:
    - C8 Spyder T 2003
    - Double 12 spyder 2004

    The E8/12 whispers stem from 2009.
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      Victor mentioned the B6 Spyder will be at Pebble Beach this year.


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        C8 Laviolette should have been built until 2012 (at least in LM85 form, see #218)


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          The last C8's in the use US were 2010 as a LM85, Laviolette and Spyder