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Silvestris 23’ SC V8 Blower Speedboat by Spyker Designers and Engineers

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  • Silvestris 23’ SC V8 Blower Speedboat by Spyker Designers and Engineers

    Silvestris Aquamotive, the story of Maarten de Bruijn who, together with a number of fellow ex-colleagues, once worked on a beautiful boat brand full of ingenuity. From Spyker, the gentlemen have brought the latest technologies from the automotive industry, which has brought them the maritime innovation prize. Now you and I can already guess that this is not a Zodiac, but the crème de la crème. In total they made 5 copies of this Silvestris Blower 23SC, in which SC stands for Sports Cabriolet. Two of them came with a diesel engine, two of them with a 320HP petrol engine, but of course we wouldn’t just put down a boat if this didn’t bring something special with it. This is the petrol version with the 600HP Mercury Racing block. In many places the boat disguises the automotive past at Spyker of the men of Silvestris.

    The men were big fans of the Bentley Blower, which of course we all are familiar with. That’s why they equipped only one version with the compressor, resulting in a chic tender. This ensures that when you really make the boat work, you feel the whistling sound of the compressor. The hull is constructed from CNC-cut aluminium plates that have been glued and riveted. This innovative technology ensures less torsion and more rigidity.

    Enough about sports performance. It is and remains a convertible, with which you can go out and eat on the other side of, for example, Lake Geneva. However, the weather from the mountains can be deceptive. Just when you see that you have poured your first glass of wine and tapped the first good joke, it suddenly starts to rain! The men from Silvestris have come up with a ‘Q’ like Bondmove for that too. With a push on the remote control, something wonderful happens; the whole interior turns in like a transformer car. Where previously the seating area was presented, it has been disguised as an aluminium watertight whole. The buffaloes used for the interior are even resistant to seawater. The boat lends itself perfectly to both quiet cruising along riverbanks and to high-speed planning on Italian lakes. The boat has so far only been used as a demo, and is still virgin new with its 70 sailing hours.


    Construction year: 2009
    Price: € P.O.R.
    Power: 600 HP
    70 sailing hours
    Color: Grey Exterior, Orange Interior

    Cool Classic Club
    Energiestraat 3, Naarden, Netherlands
    +31 (0) 35 203 17 53

    Silvestris Blower-9478.jpg

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