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  • #PP01 Preproduction 001

    Finally ready to show you all my preproduction #001, the first production Spyker that was used by Maarten de Bruijn during the first days of Spyker.

    I am preparing her to sell her since I have already so many unique Spykers in my collection. The next months she will have new fuel tanks fitted, mayor service done. The fuel tanks need to be replaced since the first few Spykers had fuel bags like the Ferrari F40. I will be replacing them with non-serviceable fuel tanks for the next owner.

    Here are some pictures of her before detailing.
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    Lovely. And really nice spec.

    Does she have a VIN?


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      Same dark olive metallic as mine (#153) or a different shade?

      Such an important car - will be interesting to see where it goes.


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        The color of Pre production #1 is called Pentland Green which is a unique color not used on any other Spyker. As if this Spyker wasn't already special enough
        Winning on sunday, selling on monday!