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High Beam non functional

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  • High Beam non functional

    Hi all,

    The Spyker C8 (Karmann only) some common issues, one of them is the highbeam actuator to fail, this is hardly noticed until you bring your car to a MOT. What happens over time is that the actuators that control the high beam flaps get stuck. Apparently the Spyker engineers never had the idea that this would happen, so they didn’t make these actuators replaceable.

    Finally I figured out a way to refurbish the headlights, one needs to reparate the headlight glass from the body. This is glued to eachother and the headlight glass will probably break if you are not carefull. When you have separated the parts you can access the actuators and replace them.

    I have seen this issue now on multiple Karmann C8’s and would advise to check yours.

    When you are not sure you are able to do this procedure one needs to replace the complete headlight or ship it to me, so I can refurbish them for you !

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    Mine has one actuator non functional. Also the inner most lamp
    does not light at all - is that normal? The small pilot lights are fine and the turn signals also fine.


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      Inner is normal , but the actuator not actuating is an issue


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        Interesting - is there no lamp in the inner lens? So cannot be made to light up?


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          One could get it working, but what would be the purpose ?


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            I love driving at night - more lights would be good! Thanks for the information. I’ll have a look at the sealed unit more closely to see how easy it maybe to separate and fix. This is a common process for Aston Martins to demist them and fix led lights.