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Polishing aluminium

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  • Polishing aluminium

    Often I get the question how I polish my aluminium parts.

    Below is a small guide what I do, if you have better results something else; please help other Spyker owners to get the best looking.

    Before I start polishing the parts I take care that there is no durt or sand anywhere that will make scratches during the work.

    When the aluminium is extremely tired I usually take it off the car to sand it down up until 4000 waterproof grid sandpaper. But for normal maintenance I use a very specific polish that is very affective in bringing back the shine (called Great Lion eXtreme metal polish). When you do maintenance you dont have to rub hard, but when there are light scratches or discoloring (like the tailpipes) I take a powerdrill with a cloth polishing wheel and polish until it looks new. The result is really depened on the type of polish you use and how much pressure you put on the parts while polishing.

    Attahed is the end result with a cloth polishing wheel and great lion extreme polishing.
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    Thanks, great to know!
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      Had some time today and did half of the LM85. In the first picture i only did the scope and rear side of the pillar
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        Polishing is very therapeutic