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The Supercar Event on the Top Gear track

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  • The Supercar Event on the Top Gear track

    This is the event previously known as "Dad's Day Out" and takes place on the Top Gear track which is near Guildford in the UK.

    The Supercar Event June 23rd and 24th 2012


    Brand new name for 2012 and a new format too.

    A Saturday and Sunday which means double the opportunity to attend and extra fundraising opportunities...

    A new website is being launched, - Home (and some time in the next week or so.

    We are also welcoming some new partners to help make the event event better...
    The Sporting Bears will be joining us on both days giving longer rides in their cars either elsewhere on site or if we can manage it, off site as well. All proceeds from their activities will go to the Trust.

    The 96 club are also joining in with a massive display of classic cars and some of them will be joining in with the track event and the sporting bears too.

    Another addition will be a host of manufacturers who will be displaying their wares but also offering test drives (once again either on site or off site depending on permissions) in exchange for a donation to the charity.

    The old favorites will off course still be there, so the track event format will remain, but the pits will be moved from their current location to the other side of the track, closer to the rest of the action.
    Also due to the overwhelming numbers wanting to take part, the track event will be by invitation only for 2012. However we will be ensuring that there is a wide range of marques represented to provide the broadest possible appeal, this will also include (for the first time) a number of Classic cars from our new supporters.

    The Caterhams will be back as will the helicopter and (hopefully) the hovercraft.
    We'll be inviting Goodwood to join us for young driver training and the Auto solo will be back as well.

    The format for car club display will also be changing.
    We will be dividing up space for clubs to have stands and whilst the space for the clubs will be free, each car will pay a reduced rate as in previous years.

    Car clubs will have exclusive opportunity to take part in the autosolo and will also be invited to join the sporting bears and give rides to the public, as before there will also be an opportunity to drive on track.

    All these changes mean the potential for additional revenue which has allowed us to keep the entry prices relatively low at;
    £10 per adult £6 per child and £25 for a family ticket. (advance prices)
    a 2 day ticket will be;
    £15 per adult £10 per child and £35 for a family (advance prices)
    the 'on the day' prices will be;
    £15 per adult £10 per child and £35 for a family the same as an advance weekend ticket but will only entitle you to a day.

    Those buying a Saturday ticket will be given the option to come back on Sunday with a discount voucher in the brochure.

    Ride prices will stay at £25 for normal supercars, £50 Blue ribbon tickets will be replaced by £50 'fast track' tickets which allow you to choose any car you wish and join the fast track queue and finally after the feedback on the Enzo and Zonda, cars of that ilk will be given their own group priced individually.

    Finally we will be splitting the event into zones with stands stalls and displays to suit, still to be decided, but likely to be along the lines of...

    Supercar zone
    Kids zone
    Interactive zone
    Entertainment / Catering zone
    Classic zone
    Manufacturers / Dealers Zone
    Bikers Zone
    Car care/maintenance zone
    Motorsport Zone
    Car club zone
    Modified zone
    Arts and crafts zone

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    Andreas, are you giving rides around the track again this year?


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      ... I'll have to go to Norway that weekend. Not sure yet. I guess, if the weather was perfect for half of Europe + a week, I could be there again. It is great fun! Will there be rides on classic cars, too?


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        Yes, it will be just Supercars on the track. The classic car rides will be around the local countryside, the Sporting Bears organisation are running that part of it. I think the little Caterham track will be back again too.


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          I just realise the prices became corrupted when I copied the text into my first post. They are as per the flyer, 10 pounds adult, 6 pounds child so a very reasonably priced day out. Plus supercar rides round the Top Gear track starting at 25 pounds going up to 50 or 60 pounds for the likes of an Enzo, Veyron, F40 etc

          Andreas Spyker was also in the higher price band last year I believe, however he wound up taking some 25 pound ticket holders too so he could spend more time on track


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            It did it again! Seems to be a bug on the forum that replaces the British pound symbol with £


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              I know, sometimes the html-code appears in stead of the symbol.


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                Originally posted by fiona View Post
                ...however he wound up taking some 25 pound ticket holders too so he could spend more time on track
                The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do