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    I live in Canada and I know we have one Spyker Dealer in Calgary, I am in Vancouver and have never seen one, but would love too. I am thinking of going up to Calgary this summer and going through the Spyker Dealership.

    I am wondering if any Spyker Owners are going to participate in the 2011 Canadian Bullrun I hear it is going to kick-off in Vancouver. Maybe I would get a look at one there, it seems like the type of event that would attract a Spyker owner.

    If you are going to enter and need a co-pilot let me know!


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    We have a Canadian Spyker owner on this site, so who knows


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      Hi Don,

      I have Spyker 171 that I purchased from Spyker of Calgary. They have also delivered a Laviolette to a customer in Vancouver so there are two Spyker's in BC. I don't think you will see the Lav driving around Vancouver because it is a garage queen. I have put 12,000K on my Spyker and have been to Vancouver with it last summer. Give Andrew a call at Spyker of Calgary and go fly out there and see the one they have in the showroom! I will not be paying 10,000$ to join this Canadian Bullrun, I don't think many people will sign up.