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Artist Leonie Meijer and the Corona crisis

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  • Artist Leonie Meijer and the Corona crisis

    It is not common for me to promote someone else's business on other than Spyker Cars. And I haven't done so since I started as an admin back in 2007. Because of the Corona crisis and the lack of income for several people I feel the urge to make an exception. Just for once.

    My personal favorite singer song writer Leonie Meijer isn't able to have gigs for several time now because of the lock down. To stay creative she started to make some artwork.

    I recently bought three of her creations. Like the one below, which has the title 'The Great Unknown'.


    You can visit her artwork at her webshop at

    If you like her creations too, it would be very nice if you helped her and order one or more yourself. But only if you like her artwork of course.