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Dealer refusing to honor sale

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  • Dealer refusing to honor sale

    Hey Gang,

    Does anyone have any experience with a dealer refusing to honor their auction post closing on Ebay? There are apparently numerous horror stories about unscrupulous sellers not honoring their sale, but I have now become one of those victims.

    I won an auction on a 911 Turbo S for $100k, but the dealer (Platinum Auto Group, Victorville CA, is saying he forgot to place a reserve, so he doesn't have to sell it for the struck/close price. He's gone so far as to re-list it and say he has no intention of honoring the auction. He says he'll " work with me on it" and has offered the generous price of $139,000 for an auction already won. I'm exceedingly disappointed in the lack of integrity of their dealership and management. Any thoughts on legal recourse or Ebay's ability to enforce the sale?

    Maybe Justice (Onthelam) has some thoughts out there

    Then again, maybe a phone-in campaign (877-449-8849) from the Spyker community might make them reconsider
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    ... winning an Ebay auction is not legally binding. Not much you can do to enforce it. The only thing you can do is give the dealer a very bad feedback, and explain the story to warn other potential buyers! I had that happen also, on smaller items...


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      It's such a disappoint that dealers on EBay treat it like a Craigslist posting rather than a binding agreement like a live auction. Can you imagine winning at Barrett-Jackson only to be told seller didn't like price at gavel drop and won't honor it?

      The whole situation seems to have strong opinions over at Luxury4play:
      Dealer refusing to honor Ebay Sale
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