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    Rijk, what is Spyker thinking about a new building now? I can imagine they are growing to big for the 'old' factory, especially if they have to set up a new production line for the D8..
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      They have two factories now. In the area it would be easy to add a third location. Once there seems to be a definable end of the recession, we'll probably pick up where we left off. It takes two years of preparation and more than a year of construction, so a certain amount of looking ahead is very important.


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        Allright, cool. Keep us updated, would love to see the Spykerworld complex being realised. I like your design, it would make it's mark for Spyker just as the beautiful Mclaren building does for them
        The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do


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          Originally posted by F Spider View Post
          Since the beginning of this month, we have a "rapid modeler" in out office that actually "prints" 3D architectural models. The first one we did was of the Spyker factory design.
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            Originally posted by IVR007 View Post
            Allright, cool. Keep us updated, would love to see the Spykerworld complex being realised. I like your design, it would make it's mark for Spyker just as the beautiful Mclaren building does for them
            The design for SpykerWorld is quite spectacular, but in the Netherlands projects like this are build for about one quarter of the budget of the Norman Foster design for the McLaren Headquarters.


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              Spyker CEO: mogelijk snel winstgevend na herstel markt
              13-10-2009 11:11
              Door Eelco Hiltermann


              AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)--Spyker Cars nv verwacht dat de C8 Aileron het concern winstgevend zal maken als de markt aantrekt en gaat ervan uit dat de financiering voor 2010 is zekergesteld.

              Dat zegt bestuursvoorzitter Victor Muller dinsdag tegen Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst.

              In het eerste halfjaar van 2009 verloor de onderneming EUR8,7 miljoen, nagenoeg evenveel als in dezelfde periode een jaar eerder.

              "Ik heb veel vertrouwen in ons product. Als de markt aantrekt kunnen we binnen afzienbare tijd winstgevend zijn", stelt Muller. De CEO baseert zijn vertrouwen op de nieuwe C8 Aileron, de eerste Spyker met een automatische versnellingsbak.

              Daarnaast wijst Muller op de waarde van zijn auto's nadat deze als lease-auto zijn gebruikt. "De markt kijkt naar die waarde en Spyker doet het daarin veel beter dan zijn collega's."

              Muller herhaalt de verwachting dat de productie van de C8 Aileron voor het einde van het jaar zal worden opgeschroefd. Ook bevestigt de CEO dat het orderboek zich "positief ontwikkelt".

              De financiering van Spyker wordt verzorgd door Snoras Bank. Dat zal naar verwachting van Muller ook in 2010 het geval zijn. "Er is geen enkele reden om ervan uit te gaan dat de financiering voor volgend jaar niet rondkomt."

              Muller moet constateren dat het aandeel Spyker in 2009 circa 40% gedaald is, terwijl de markt een stijgende trend heeft laten zien. "Luxegoederen liggen zwaar onder vuur, wij vormen geen uitzondering. Als de markt keert, zal ook de vraag naar luxegoederen weer toenemen", aldus Muller.

              Het dieptepunt in de Verenigde Staten ligt "zonder enige twijfel" achter ons, terwijl in Europa "op zijn best" stabilisatie zal optreden in 2010.

              Volgens Muller, voor wie de VS de belangrijkste markt is, is in Amerika een duidelijk herstel zichtbaar van de "financiele toegang tot de markt". De verstrekking van consumentenkredieten blijft nog wel "buitengewoon moeilijk".

              Dinsdag omstreeks 10.55 uur noteert het aandeel vlak op EUR1,55.

              Door Eelco Hiltermann; Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst; +31 20 571 5200;
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                Let's hope for better times...



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                  Translation for the non-Dutch:


                  AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)-- Spyker Cars nv expects the C8 Aileron to make the company profitable as soon as the economic situation improves and reckons it has its finances for 2010 sorted.

                  So says board chairman Victor Muller to the Dow Jones News Service on tuesday.

                  In the first half year of 2009 the company lost 8,7 million euro's, about the same amount as in the same period the preceding year.

                  "I am very confident in our product. If the marketplace recuperates we'll be able to be profitable in a short amount of time", says Muller. The CEO gets his confidence from the new C8 Aileron, the first ever spyker with an automatic transmission.

                  Muller also underscores the value of his cars after life as company cars. "Our economical environment is interested in those figures and in this respect Spyker performs way better than the competition."

                  Muller still adamently expects the production of the C8 Aileron to crank up before the end of the year. He can also confirm that the orderbook shows "Positive development".

                  Spyker's finances are taken care of by the Snoras Bank. Muller expects that to remain unchanged in 2010. "There is no reason whatsoever to make the assumption that there won't be enough funding for next year."

                  Muller has to confront the fact that the Spyker stock depreciated in value about 40% in 2009, whilst stocks in general went up. "Luxury goods are having a hard time, we are no exception. If the economic situation improves the demand for luxury products will then increase accordingly, says Muller."

                  The lowest low in the U.S. is "without a shadow of doubt" behind us, while in Europe things wil only stabilise "at best" as late as 2010.

                  According to Muller, for whom the U.S. represents an important market place, there are tell-tale signs of the "financial access to the market place" recovering. The distribution of consumer loans remains an "extraordinarily difficult" thing.

                  Tuesday at around 10.55 A.M. the stock reaches a stable value of 1,55 euros.

                  By Eelco Hiltermann; Dow Jones News Service; +31 20 571 5200;

                  Seems like a good time to buy a bit of Spyker!


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                    Boris, thanks for the translation!

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                      A video with the Spykerworld complex (and Rijk!) at CNNmoney, it's about 3D printing. Impressive! Printing in 3-D - Video - Technology
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                        Nice! Never seen this video before.


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                          Originally posted by Wouter View Post
                          Nice! Never seen this video before.
                          The video was made a couple of weeks ago.


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                            Originally posted by SpykerOwner View Post
                            The video was made a couple of weeks ago.
                            oke...that explains me not having seen this video. Saw this impression of the Rietveld Architects Spyker factory on Hace seen a similar video somewere elso on Nice work anyway Rijk!


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                              Awesome design Rijk! I'm sure Victor will find the funds for this project sooner or later and I hope we'll be first in line for a tour!

                              Is it ok with you if I copy your first post and pictures onto the Petrolhead Nirvana forum?
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                              I know they would be really interested to see this.