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Factory visit 2011

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    Week 37

    1. Hans (SpykerOwner)
    2. Rijk (#107)
    3. Boris (Reddingius)
    4. Ingmar (IVR007)
    5. amzamz (#045), prefer end of the week
    6. Stephan (Laviolette GT2R)
    7. Fiona
    8. Tom
    9. Dutchdude (#141)
    10. Glenn (MP4-12C)
    11. Dan (SpykerX3)
    12. Hans van Rennes (Aileron)
    13. Matthew (#138)
    14 and 15. Joop and Jeffrey (#007)


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      It looks like the factory visit will be rescheduled to Spring 2012.

      When I know what the dates are that are available, we can start a new list.


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        I'm in whenever, just give me some warning so I can book the day off work. Not so far for me to travel this time either....... actually I rather enjoyed the drive up to Holland, especially in the borrowed M3
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          Just a thought re: dates perhaps you could time it close to other UK event dates so people coming from outside the Uk(most of you I think) can combine your visit.

          The Dad's Day Out event is probably the biggest in the UK in the Spring now. It's always mid-May on either a saturday or sunday, although I can see it becoming a 2 day event before long as it's become a very big event. I can find out the exact date of next years if you like. It's definitely a good one to consider as you actually get to see the cars in action on the Top Gear track and can take a passenger ride in the supercar of your choice for a donation to the Childrens charity supported. There is a thread on here with lots of photos and video of this years event which I'm sure you've seen.

          We also have the Ace cafe meets on the second monday of the month every month. These are just informal meets rather than a big event but attract an amazing variety of cars. Last nights included a Koenigsegg, Prowler, a 458 which had come all the way from Bahrain!, KTM Crossbow, Viper ST10(le mans spec), a TVR Typhon(only 4 of these were ever built) and a whole host of Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Aston's, etc No Spykers this month but there was a laviolette there last month, alongside an Enzo.

          The Goodwood Breakfast Club is usually the 1st sunday of the month at their motor circuit and is worth a visit although the theme varies, as can the date. I could go on but don't want to hi-jack the thread just thought I'd throw the idea in there while you're thinking of dates.


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            We should start planning the next factory visit
            The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do


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              I would love nothing more than to set up another factory tour. I have very fond memories of the previous ones. However, I think we need to let the dust settle for a while, before we do this again.