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Originally Posted by AX lover View Post
The C12 LaTurbie was introduced at the Geneve Car Show of 2005. And it is the second 12 cilinder model Spyker presented. The styling of the car is different from the C12 Spyder that was introduced a few months earlier.

The C12 LaTurbie has different headlight, taillight and four exhaust. Also the front of the car is different. There is one grille instead of 2 and there are some small holes around the grille that can also be seen at the D12 Peking-to-Paris.

As far as I know only one C12 LaTurbie was ever build. And this car was also used in the movie War with Jet Li.

When the car was introduced the car was grey wit a yellowish interior (magnolia?) but in the movie War the car is Royal Blue.
What are those covers just behind roll bars??
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