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#173 - C8 Laviolette - Black/Orange

At the 2007 Miami Auto Show the Spyker dealer Braman Miami displayed 2 Spykers, a dark silver Spyder and a black Laviolette. In the following picture you can see the VIN plaque very vaguely.
But nevertheless, I believe the last 3 digits are 1-7-3
What do you think?

Given that it is a Laviolette and one with an orange interior, I am certain it's the same one as displayed on last weekends 'Cars for the Cure' show, also helt in Florida.

Photos are courtesy of the blog Automotive Addicts. Thanks Malcolm!

The car belongs to Nelson Cambata, an exotic car enthousiast. The number plate reads 'Panos' . Why would you put another supercar brand's name on your number plate? I guess 'Spyker' was already taken in Florida
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